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Front Rush brings its Recruiting Software to the NAIA »

KANSAS CITY, MO. (July 1, 2014) – The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) announced today that it has signed a three year corporate partnership with Front Rush as the “Official Recruiting Software” of the NAIA. Front Rush is based in Lambertville, New Jersey. They offer a full range of products and support from recruiting, questionnaires and recommendation forms, mobile applications, personalized training, among many others.

“This is a brand new partnership for the NAIA and it is going to provide our athletic departments with new opportunities,” said Eric Chapman, NAIA Director of Corporate Sponsorships. “Front Rush is a company dedicated to success, customer service, and the world of college recruiting.” Chapman added, “Front Rush will provide NAIA with a great platform for the future of NAIA. We are glad to be associated with such a proven and successful company as Front [...]

July 8, 2014

ConnectLAX Partners with Front Rush to Help Coaches Track Recruits »

ConnectLAX knows recruiting classes are puzzles that require specific pieces. Now college coaches using ConnectLAX’s Recruit Finder database can easily add players to their Front Rush recruiting software with one click.

ConnectLAX was built with college coaches to maximize their ease of use, allowing coaches to view profiles without logging in and including all the information they need to easily evaluate mobile recruiting profiles from the road.

“The college coaches we work with requested this feature and with Front Rush’s help, we launched it two weeks later.” states Gage Mersereau, co-founder of ConnectLAX. “Saving coaches time in tracking our recruits helps both coaches and our recruits, which is great.”

“Lacrosse is emerging as one of the most popular sports for high school athletes to participate in. Now more than ever, high school athletes need a system like ConnectLAX to assist in [...]

June 10, 2014

The ‘Path’ to find lacrosse recruits just got a whole lot easier. »

Front Rush and LaxPath have teamed up to allow collegiate lacrosse coaches across the country to easily find and add athletes to their Front Rush recruiting software. LaxPath is designed to aid the recruiting efforts of college coaches at every level by providing a comprehensive and easy- to-use catalog of lacrosse talent to help them identify talent as early as possible.

Within every LaxPath recruit profile, college coaches will be able to click the ‘Add to Front Rush’ button and the recruit’s information will appear in the coaches’ Front Rush account. No more data entry or exporting and importing data…find a recruit, click and repeat.

“The youth lacrosse scene is exploding and LaxPath is giving0lacrosse recruits the tools they need to get recruited by college programs,” states Front Rush co-founder, Brad Downs. “We’re excited to work with the LaxPath team to help [...]

March 31, 2014

How do we communicate online? »

This video provides insight into the idea surrounding lying/deception and technology. In the modern age the format of communication is evolving to include more online mediums. While watching this video please reflect on the following questions as well as how this idea relates to coaches and technology.

How does this concept relate to communicating with recruits?

How about with your current team or between staff members?

Do you feel social media provides an accurate depiction of your recruits personalities?

Jeff Hancock: The future of lying

November 26, 2012

The college recruiting process for high school athletes just got easier »

Nov 20, 2012 – It has just got a little easier for high school athletes seeking a sports scholarship. That is because Front Rush and RecruitLook.com are teaming up to give student-athletes and college coaches a more convenient way to connect.

Student-athletes that are using the RecruitLook platform can now be seen by more than 12,000 college coaches that use the Front Rush recruiting software. If a college coach likes what he sees on a recruit’s RecruitLook profile, the coach can add that prospect to the coach’s database with just one simple click. The ‘Add to Front Rush’ button makes exporting/importing and copying/pasting a thing of the past. Find a recruit. Click. Repeat. It’s that easy.

“We are excited to add RecruitLook to our growing network,” states Front Rush Co-Founder Brad Downs. “The [...]

November 20, 2012

Keeping the Peace: The Mobile OS Battle »

With the release of the iPad mini we are once again forced to make a choice between Apple and Android. With the landscape of technology in recruiting moving towards mobile devices, more and more recruiting events are filled with coaches carrying around tablets. It is not my intention to provide details about the tablet devices, rather let’s look at the question; Am I an Apple or Android? For many people this is a black and white decision, but let’s see if there is a grey area. Is it possible to use both Apple and Android devices?

First, let’s discuss the differences between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android OS. (I will spare the geeky details and keep to the overall theme). Apple provides a system of integrated devices that provide a simple, no nonsense, and intuitive environment. The user experience is [...]

iPad Mini Is The Next Great Recruiting Tool »

So we have been using the iPad mini for the past week and yes it is my favorite iPad yet and yes we want to share with you why it is great for recruiting.

First off, it is budget friendly at $329 for the non-cellular version and rumored $459 for the cellular version. This compared to $499 and $629 respectfully is a huge cost difference…$170 to be exact to get all of the same functionality and more.

The biggest thing about the iPad mini is the size and weight (pun intended). The smaller version of the iPad feels great in your hand and walking around. The subtle change (compared to other iPads) is much more conducive to field/court recruiting because its less to carry around, its easier to type (thumb typing) and it fits in the front pocket of your backpack instead [...]

November 13, 2012

The Lean Startup: A Good Manual for Testing Your Recruiting Strategies »

So one thing that we know is that there is a strong correlation between recruiting and sales. But we also know that there is a high correlation between sales and entrepreneurship. Savvy coaches will find recruiting advantages whether it’s through techniques, technology or a variety of processes. This is why I want to discuss a book that I recently read entitled The Lean Startup.

The book outlines its fundamentals within the context of entrepreneurship. But, we love many of the principles for technology and certainly see their application in recruiting. To demonstrate this point the author defines a startup as “an organization dedicated to creating something new under conditions of extreme uncertainty.” Sound familiar? Not that far off from your athletic office…

There are many approaches in this book, but one that we really love is the idea of ‘validated learning’. Validated [...]

November 5, 2012

Technology, Recruiting and Stuff »

Sean Devin, graduate of Purdue University and co-founder of Front Rush, recently presented on technology, recruiting, and stuff. This presentation was given at the Dan Tudor conference (http://dantudor.com/conferences/) touching on the topic of how technology can best be integrated into a coaches recruiting process. It was not the focus of this presentation nor the goal to sell Front Rush but rather provide coaches a better understanding on how to utilize technology to assist their recruiting efforts.

Technology is as unique as the end user. What may be helpful for one person may actually create more work for another. The key to integrating technology into your recruiting process is to find your own style, your approach, your design.

There are many programs and applications that can improve your recruiting process but how do you know what will work for you? The [...]

October 22, 2012

The Tennis Recruiting Network (TRN) and Front Rush serving up exclusive partnership »

Front Rush, the industry standard in recruiting and compliance software, today announced that The Tennis Recruiting Network (TRN) will be exclusively displaying Front Rush’s ‘Add to FR’ button within each coaches watch list.

The ‘Add to Front Rush’ button allows coaches to seamlessly sync their TRN recruit data to their Front Rush account. Front Rush will be the only recruiting software on the market that will have the ability to sync with TRN’s coaches watch list.

“The ‘Add to FR’ button has been wildly successful with TRN the past two years. Because of it’s success, we felt it was time to take our relationship to the next level. ” says Front Rush co-founder Brad Downs.

“We have had a great partnership with Front Rush over the past two years, and we are excited to work with them more closely in the future. [...]

October 15, 2012
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