Bobby AcostaOffensive Coordinator at College of St. Scholastica 

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Why did you start coaching?

My high school coach, Eddie Sargent, was my position coach. He was my idol, my inspiration, a father figure.  I wanted to be just like him. When I went to college, I became very close to my head coach KC Keeler. I watched him coach, teach, and mentor young men into adulthood. He influenced my teammates and I to reach for the skies and never give up. He took us to a place we couldn’t take ourselves. I knew then I wanted to have the same influence on people. This is why I decided to coach, I wanted to influence people. 

In the beginning, what was the most challenging part of your job?  

I had to learn to manage my time. I wanted to do too much. I took on extra project to please people. I eventually took less on and focused on completing task more efficiently. 

 Has your coaching and recruiting style changed since you first started?  

Yes, as you grow in the position. You learn how to engage families and student athletes better. You become more organized in the recruiting process. You start to develop a recruiting philosophy on how to sell your vision and your programs visions to families. Also, I have learned to be completely honest in the recruiting process with families. Never, negative recruit a student athlete. Focus on your program and institution. 

 What’s the best advice and worst advice you’ve gotten as a football coach?

Best advice I received is to be fair and consistent to your players. Be the same coach every day. Care about them off and on the field.

The worst advice I was given was how to discipline a player. I disagreed with the technique and share to the coach how I discipline players. If a player breaks rules, and/or needs to be disciplined, always make it a learning opportunity for that player and the players on your team.

What advice do you have for coaches in the beginning of their career? 

Work hard at your current job, do not get caught up in the race or chase. If you do a good job, opportunities will find you.

Loyalty goes a long way. Eliminate the negative chatter about your head coach, OC, or other members in your program.

Your enthusiasm is contagious. Bring it every day to work.

Be a positive influence on players.

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