At Front Rush we know how difficult it is to manage athletic inventory and assets, and how hard staffs work to serve athletes and coaches. We know this because our team is made up of former athletes, coaches and administrators.

Reuben Victoria is a former equipment manager at the University of Virginia, and he has brought his industry passion and knowledge to the Front Rush team. 

“I know the troubles and issues that equipment managers have. Once you’re able to build that relationship and connect with people in the equipment industry, you realize everyone has the same issues. I want to help everyone be more efficient and shave a couple minutes off their day.”
“I‘ve been in the trenches, and I’m here to make things easier and better for our users. I want FR TRAC users to know there’s someone who’s been through it before who is there to help them out.”
What are the biggest pain points for equipment administrators?
“I think the biggest pain point is staying on top of inventory. Teams are ordering more items and it can be overwhelming to stay on top of. You have to know where everything is and with FR TRAC, its simple. At the click of a button you have your inventory at your fingertips.”
How did you and your coworkers make your day-to-day tasks easier?
“When I was at UVA, every morning we would have a small to-do meeting. We would lay out everything we needed to get done for the day so we are best using our time.”
Why do you feel inventory software is an essential tool for equipment operations?
“Inventory software is essential because there is so much that you have to keep track of. Contracts are getting bigger which means there is more money equipment managers are dealing with. You want to be able to show administration what you are ordering, where it is going and how you can cut costs if need be — and FR TRAC helps with all of that.”
How did FR TRAC help make your job easier?
“It was easy to see what we had in inventory. Instead of having to go to the shelf and count, I can log in and see what the inventory is. Also when it comes to giving admin inventory reports, I can just print off an inventory report and give it to them. I don’t have to take the time to count every single item.” 
Why were you motivated to join the Front Rush team?
“I want to help equipment administrators be more efficient with their time and give them a resource that will do that. I believe this product makes the job of an equipment admin easier and everyone working in equipment management should have this system.”
What advice to you have for any new equipment managers just starting in the business?
“One of biggest things is to network. Every equipment manager that I know is willing to help out younger equipment managers because they were in the same spot. So once you start to build those relationships, you can call on them when you have a question. There were time I was in a situation and I didn’t have an answer. I called another EQ guy and he had just dealt with it and told me what he did. Since I had that relationship with him I was able to solve my issue. 
The other thing is to stay organized. Teams are wanting more and more, if you don’t stay up to date with your inventory, you will be in trouble. If you have a way to stay organized, you will be successful.”


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