The average day for a Division I coach is usually long and meticulously structured. Waking up hours before the sun rises and moving 100 mph until sundown is completely normal. Coaches have games to win and recruits to win over year round. 

ELITE is highly customizable for every coach’s process, and it offers innovative features for managing recruiting data, analytics, correspondence, pipelines and recruit boards in an easy-to-use view that coaches like to use. ELITE’s industry-leading recruiting and communication capabilities help DI coaches at the highest level.

Here are five ways coaches can save valuable minutes in the morning with ELITE:

1. Easily view and track your recruiting to-do list

You have to be on the field or in a coaches’ meeting at 6:30 a.m. You need quick navigation. Go straight to your tasks and activity feed in the ELITE dashboard.

Open your dashboard and see all activity happening inside your recruiting world. Take action on your ELITE dashboard and see everything that needs attention. Get a jumpstart on your work by filtering out tasks, evaluations, forms and more.

2. Increase productivity with the ELITE mobile app

Get real-time access to all recruiting data and video, all on your mobile device. Access your tasks, recruits, schools and roster in separate tabs when you open the app. 

Easily view and track all phone calls, emails, campus visits and evaluations. Save time by identifying important incoming calls using ELITE’s Caller ID feature. 

3. Access more recruit information with less clicks

From your Recruits list on your mobile app, you can access recruit boards and events under saved searches. When a recruit board is selected, you will see all recruits on that recruit board or recruits that are tied to the event.

Visually “tag” athletes with stickers – accessible on both desktop and the mobile app. These symbols are customizable and appear next to the athlete on their profile and on their board cards. 

4. Instantly communicate to athletes, recruits and staff via email and text

From the dashboard, you can see the players most important to you and how long it’s been since you’ve contacted them. Increase efficiency by scheduling future email communications and measure interest by tracking email opens, clicks and activity. ELITE also allows you to measure interest by tracking email opens, clicks and activity. 

5. Easily manage Recruit Boards and Eval Pipelines 

To be an elite coach, you’ve got to stay organized. Build your Recruit Board how you want with customized tile colors. Sort by grad year, position, rank and much more.

Want to know how many times a recruit has been evaluated by a staff member? Now you can with our Eval Pipeline



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