Non-Coaching Staff Members may engage in all evaluation activities as long as the event takes place on the staff-member’s campus.

The answer is FALSE

Non-Coaching staff members may engage in on-campus evaluations of video and with the adoption of NCAA Autonomy Proposal 2017-99, non-coaching staff members may now engage in on-campus selection of prospects on video.

This piece of legislation has an immediate effective date.

NCAA Educational Column- 5/17/18- NCAA Division I Proposal No. 2017-99 — Autonomy Proposal — Athletics Personnel — Recruiting Coordination Functions — On-Campus Evaluation of Video and On-Campus Selection of Prospective Student-Athletes (I)- provides further clarification on the application of the newly adopted legislation.

Editor’s Note:  This educational column reflects the most recent Question and Answer Document associated with the proposal. 

This document contains questions and answers to assist the NCAA membership in its understanding of NCAA Division I Proposal No. 2017-99 (recruiting coordination functions – on-campus evaluation of video and on-campus selection of prospective student-athlete).

Question No. 1:  May a noncoaching staff member engage in any evaluation activity other than on-campus evaluation of video or the on-campus selection of prospects?

Answer:  No. A noncoaching staff member may not engage in any other activity that would otherwise be considered a countable evaluation (e.g., evaluation of an on-campus event). 

NCAA Bylaw 11.7.2 states that the following recruiting coordination functions (except related routine clerical tasks) must be performed by the head coach or one or more of the assistant coaches who count toward the numerical limitations in Bylaw 11.7.6: (Revised: 1/12/06, 4/27/06 effective 8/1/06, 4/24/08 effective 8/1/08, 4/26/12, 8/7/14, 1/19/18)

(a) Activities involving athletics evaluations and/or selection of prospective student-athletes other than on-campus evaluations of video and on-campus activities involving the selection of prospective student-athletes; and

(b) Making telephone calls to prospective student-athletes (or prospective student-athletes’ parents, legal guardians or coaches).

Jennifer M. Condaras
Deputy Commissioner, NCAA Relations & Administration
Colonial Athletic Association

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